big commands, small commands…obey either way

“I once believed that after I prayed, it was my responsibility to do everything in my power to bring about the answer. Yet God taught me a better way and showed me that self-effort always hinders His work. He also revealed that when I prayed and had confident trust in Him for something, He simply wanted me to wait in an attitude of praise and do only what He told me. Sitting still, doing nothing except trusting in the Lord, causes a feeling of uncertainty, and there is often a tremendous temptation to take the battle into our own hands.” {Streams in the Desert…emphasis mine}

.{whew!} I was beginning to think I was the only wiggly, squirmy child of God out there who was having ‘issues’ sitting still while waiting for His next direction. And since Streams in the Desert was written a lo-o-o-ong time ago, apparently it’s not a new concept either…this urge to do something while you’re waiting.

I also found another ‘chewable {spiritual} vitamin’ in My Utmost right after that…

“Readiness for God means that we are ready to do the tiniest little thing or the great big thing…it makes no difference. We have no choice in what we want to do; whatever God’s program may be…we are there, ready. He can put us where He likes…in pleasant duties or in mean duties…because the union is that of the Father and Himself. ‘That they may be one, even as We are one.’” {My Utmost…emphasis mine}

Ah. So we wait for God’s direction. And then it comes. {We excitedly untie the note…} Wha..?! He wants me to do…this little thing? After all that waiting??

Here was my next devotional. {Oh, dear. A theme is popping up.}

“Rahab depended for her preservation upon the promise of the spies, whom she looked upon as the representatives of the God of Israel. Her faith was simple and firm…but it was very obedient. To tie the scarlet line in the window was a very trivial act in itself, but she dared not run the risk of omitting it. Come, my soul, is there not here a lesson for you? Have you been attentive to all your Lord’s will….even though some of His commands should seem non-essential? Be henceforth in all things blameless…even to the tying of a thread…if that be matter of command.”

And then… “…{God} is punctual to the moment: He never is before His time, but He never is behind it. If you have a divine promise, you need not plead it with an ‘if’…you may urge it with certainty. The Lord meant to fulfil the promise, or He would not have given it. God does not give His words merely to quiet us, and to keep us hopeful for awhile with the intention of putting us off at last; but when He speaks, it is because He means to do as He has said.” {Morning and Evening Readings/Spurgeon…emphasis mine}

Are you catching the theme here?…{or is it just me?}

Waiting for His direction. But then, doing it, exactly as He has said, no matter how big or small His command might be.

Going into a lion’s den or simply tying a cord outside your window.
Walking on water or bringing Him your 2 loaves and 3 fishes.
Healing the sick or taking care of sheep in a back pasture.

Big…little. His commands consist of both.

And they are to be equally obeyed.

So will you be disappointed if, after all this time of waiting, He sends you a small command right now?

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4 Responses to big commands, small commands…obey either way

  1. Meredith says:

    This is so great.
    That first quote from Streams in the Desert…. WHOA.

    Convicting. :)
    Meredith recently posted..Like a tree planted by water, and all that jazz . . .

  2. Oh friend! How this is so challenging. Yes, the waiting…the hardest part. This world is so rush rush rush and God is so “My timing is perfect…” it’s hard to wait when everyone around you is rushing to the “next big thing” or what they think to be the next best thing.
    Amy McCollister recently posted..I’ve been tagged

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