God-chosen spears…

My husband wrote a post the other day about a book he and I recently re-read {Tale of Three Kings}, and it took me back many years ago to a time where my family {mom and dad} had been through similar situations like this book talks about. Which is, being under a God-chosen leader who seems to think nothing of piercing your heart with well-placed spears of either words or actions.
The Spear
The key word in that last sentence being…God-chosen.

And I point that out because, I like to think that I can work around {or in spite of} selfish, mean-spirited people {myself included} on an every-day basis, but when I add in the element that God has actually chosen to put someone like that in my life to make me better…it’s a bit harder to swallow.

I think to myself, ‘What did I do to deserve this? {Ya know.} Was/is there something so wrong with me that this pain was necessary?’

Because the thing is, when spears are flying past you, ‘becoming a better person’ isn’t the main thought in your head at that moment.

Surviving is.
Not taking-in-the-hurt is.
Keeping your head-above-water is.

But becoming better usually…isn’t. {At least it wasn’t in my case.} Because the idea that this pain has been sent my way in order to improve me somehow…is not fun. Nor easy.

But it is…necessary.

Because if you don’t become the better person God designed you to be, then you will miss His plan for your life. Completely. And, frankly, no person, place, or thing is worth that.

Thing is, I’ve come to realize over the course of my life that ‘King Saul’s’ are placed in our lives for two reasons. One, to expose King Saul for who he is. And two, to expose you for who you are. {Whether that sits well with you or not.}

And I say that because, I don’t think King Saul even realized he was a ‘King Saul’. I think he just thought his way was good and right, so…why change? {Which, honestly, sounds a bit like me some days. Scary, huh?}

‘I’m right, you’re wrong. So…there.’ {Well…hey there, King Saul the second.}

I admit, spears aren’t fun. They hurt. They sting. They sometimes destroy. But also I believe that when God allows them past His covering over us, their purpose is to uncover who we really are on the inside. And while that’s no fun…it is necessary for God’s plan.

God sees our heart and knows exactly which spears to send our way in order to reveal our true self. And the minute you allow anger and resentment to set up shop…bam!…a piece of King Saul rises to the surface. {Which is not a good thing.}

So what do you do when a spear hits? Let it go. {Trust me, it’s worth it.} Rise above it, and push yourself through the pain to the other side of it, becoming better in the process. Because God’s plan for us and for our life is worth every pain, every hurtful word, every discouraging action, and every well-placed spear sent our way.

Because God’s way is…perfect.

People aren’t.
And life isn’t.

But God is.


Shake off the hurt.
Dust off the mud.
Patch up the wounds.
Put an ice-pack on the bruises.

God is at work. Through the spears. So, duck-and-dodge until He’s done.

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3 Responses to God-chosen spears…

  1. Meredith says:

    This is — thought provoking and awful and wonderful and… well… wow.
    Great post, friend.
    These are words that we need to hear.
    Meredith recently posted..Why do we compare?

    • suehill3k says:

      lol. And living it is also…’thought provoking, awful and’…well, maybe just awful. ;) Having come through situations like that in the past and seeing God’s hand in those moments once I’ve come out of them…helps me to recognize present situations and know that God is also in them if I will just trust Him. Even in the pain. But, yeah…those words are just kind of…ugh. Especially when you have to actually live them.
      suehill3k recently posted..big commands, small commands…obey either way

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