what if today isn’t ‘the’ day…again?

Well if that title didn’t inspire you, I don’t know what would. {Yeah, I’ll accept that ‘look’.}

So, it happened again yesterday. Just like it did the day before.

And the day before that.

And the day before that.

I ordered something a week ago, and each day I wait for it to arrive. And since the method of shipment is USPS, there comes a point in my day {between 12:15-1:30} when I realize that, it’s not going to be today.

Checking the Mail
Because that’s when I go to my mailbox and find that…it’s still not here.

Now, I know it’s coming. Because I ordered it. And I trust the manufacturer’s email stating they shipped it. And I also trust the shipping process. So, since I believe in those two things, I have complete faith that it will arrive. What I don’t know, however, is…when.

But nevertheless, each day I go to the mailbox…expecting.

And each day it’s not there, I walk away a wee bit disappointed.

Because, once again, a day that once held hope dissolves into another…day to wait. {Don’t you just hate that re-adjusting moment?}

Now if I discover that it has arrived, I will jog back to the house completely thrilled that finally, finally, finally…it came.

In the meantime though, at 7:34 am, I wait. And wonder….

Will I be jogging back from the mailbox excited? Will today be ‘the’ day?
Or will I be shuffling back, my shoulders slumped a bit, having to accept that it will be another day?

Another time.
Another house.
Another job.
Another idea.
Another place.
Another church.
Another pregnancy.
Another interview.

Another life.

{Okay. So maybe that went a bit deeper than I planned. ;) }

Or did it.

Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about. Something tells me you’ve been there, too. Where that point in the…

…walk to the mailbox
…phone call
…house negotiation


…arrives and you realize it’s not going to happen today. {Deep sigh, right?} Because the only spot ‘it’ could have shown up in, just passed. And it wasn’t there. Again.

So, now what?

It’s like a photographer setting up his stuff to take a picture of an event, but for some reason the event gets cancelled. Whether he/she likes it or not. So the photographer has to gather up his equipment, because there’s nothing left for him/her to do but…wait for the next opportunity.

So how about you? Has each day brought one of those moments lately? Where that specific point arrives in which you know ‘it’ either comes then or…it doesn’t come at all. {Or at least on that day.}

What do you do?

Do you give up just a little?
Does a small piece of your hope break away?
Do you walk to your ‘mailbox’ a bit slower the next time?
Do you hold yourself in a sort of reserve, afraid to be disappointed again?
Do you walk into that next ‘time’ not expecting as much?


Because if I can trust the manufacturer, the post office, and the whole ordering process when it is filled with inconsistencies, then how much more should I trust the God of the universe to do what He has promised? How can my hope diminish in the least when I know He is still at the helm of my life and that He never promises what He will not fulfill.

Never. Eh-ver.

Sort of like Rapunzel in Tangled. {Forgive the completely non-spiritual frame of reference. :D }

And if my hope in a faulty process can remain strong and secure each day as I walk to my mailbox, then shouldn’t my hope remain just as steadfast and unwavering when it comes to trusting God to bring about what He said He would?

I think so.

Meanwhile {back at the ranch farmhouse}…I’ll check again today. Maybe it’ll be there. Maybe it won’t. Either way, by 1:30 I’ll know.

Whether I like it or not.

Oh…yay. {Said weakly, with a fake half-smile.}

Update: The original package never arrived. {Irony.} Had to order again and was issued a refund for the lost order. Hmmm. So fitting, huh? Maybe trusting in their system wasn’t so smart after all. ;)

{Image courtesy of Flickr, Video from YouTube}

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