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After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, I had looked forward to the time our kids would all be in school and I would have some time for myself between the hours of 9-3 each day. The irony being…I had just one year like that. And while it was enjoyable, I’ll admit I got a bit bored. I attempted to find a job just to occupy my time but nothing I applied for worked out.

Red and WhiteSo when I started homeschooling our oldest when he began sixth grade, I was so thankful to discover my ‘calling’. {At least it is for right now.} Because not only is my day now filled with activity, it finally feels like I have purpose again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing my blog, designing jewelry, taking pictures, and knitting/crocheting, but this feels different. I feel plugged in to where our son is educational-wise, and I am able to structure his day into what is best for him due to his HFA. And in the beginning it took a few weeks but we finally found our ‘rhythm’ together.

Then, ironically, as our two others kids saw how it was going, they suddenly wanted in on the fun. However, since they were enrolled in elementary school, I encouraged them to finish the year. {Yeah, at least I can say I tried. They ended up making it to Christmas.} I began their paperwork right after Thanksgiving, and started ordering their curriculum for the second half of their school year. I told them to ‘survive’ until Christmas break, and then we would begin in January. Much to their surprise, they made it. {You woulda’ thought I had asked them to walk uphill both ways each day to school. ;) }

So it’s now been three weeks since the other two joined me and Max. The first week felt as though I had stepped onto a train going 100 mph, and by the end of the week, I couldn’t remember what all had occurred during those last few days. lol. But we made it. And while it took around another week or so to search for everybody’s new rhythm, we did end up finding it. {Albeit with a few adjustments here and there.}

Thing is, I was excited to have my ‘freedom’ after so many years of being ‘tied’ to small-children-duties each day, but when I got my freedom, it didn’t feel as free as I had expected it to. I enjoy being with our kids {minus a break here and there}, but since they aren’t yet grown-up, I didn’t feel as though my ‘job’ was completely done. {As if that will ever happen, right?}

So now each day, I know exactly what they are learning. I see how each kid progresses and what their individual strengths/weaknesses are. We discovered how one of them loves astronomy {and not even he was aware of that…three cheers for homeschool giving us the flexibility to stumble across that!} while the other is fascinated with Medieval Times {and we sort of already knew that}. As for the lil’ princess, well…I’m just trying to keep her ‘on task’ without her talking or singing non-stop throughout the school day. It tends to distract a bit. {And we did know about that in ‘regular’ school. I still have the note from the teacher saying Sam couldn’t stop talking one day. Shocking…just shocking.  ahem…insert sarcasm.}

So what all do I love about homeschool thus far? Well, here goes…

We are on no ‘schedule’ per se. If we they need to get up and wiggle…they can.
We can decide, spur-of-the-moment, to continue our lessons at the library. Or park. Or Starbucks. {Holla.}
We can load up a day with lots of work {if they are feeling super-focused}, or we can ease up if today’s just not a good day.
We can switch curriculums if one isn’t doing the job.
They can eat exactly what they prefer. And I can make sure it’s healthy.
They can do schoolwork in their PJ’s.
Lil’ princess can sip her ‘warm frappuccino’ as she writes beautiful stories draws silly pictures.

And…we can support local businesses by having ‘art day’ at our nearby paint shop, Amazin’ Glaze.

Art Day

I admit, not every day is a ‘walk in the park’, but…I wouldn’t trade knowing that I am making the most of my time with our kids. It’s something I will never be able to repeat and I wouldn’t exchange these memories for anything. {Well…anything might be a strong word. I could, possibly, be open to chocolate on some days.}

{My own images of our ‘art day’ and the barn next to our house.}

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