my new venture…

Well, it’s not a new business and I haven’t {…yet  ;) …} published a book, but I did start a small group at church!

circlesIt was a bit intimidating at first, since being a stay-at-home-mom {who now homeschools all our kids} tends to somewhat limit the available time I have to physically meet somewhere once a week or so. However, I remembered another online Facebook group I was a part of last year and thought it might be a perfect fit for me.  So I made sure it was okay with our small group leader and away I went. {I’m totally loving it!}

What started the idea was me discovering Mark Batterson’s new devotional Draw the Circle book on my husband’s desk. {Aha!} I felt the lil’ nudge God sometimes tends to send our way and decided to follow it. {Yup. I’m getting better at that obedience thing.}

So my group, the 40-day Prayer Challenge, began on February 1st, and each day I post a little something from that day’s devotional that stood out to me and then let the discussions/comments begin. I prayed God would do something incredible with this group and it would appear as though He is already at work.

Each day someone sends a request to join, and what is coolest-beyond-words is that almost half of the group is not even from our area. Super neat, huh? I love how God brings people together in community.

So in case for the next 40 {well…36 now} days I don’t post a lot, that’s where I am. Feel free to click and join!

40-day Prayer Challenge FB Small Group/WOLC

{Image courtesy of Flickr}

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I'm a stay-at-home wife, mom, and blogger. I love spending time with my family and enjoy sharing things I learn each day with them. Maybe something said here will help you along your way! God bless...
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