God walks the wire WITH us but not FOR us..

Today is the one-month anniversary of our moving to Nashville, and I have to say, I am falling in love with this city! It’s as beautiful as western Maryland/Virginia, and has just the right mix of southern charm. It has been a slight adjustment from living on the east coast but not as much as I expected.

I’ve also been reading another blog lately concerning their upcoming move to Bangkok after having lived in North Carolina for many years, and their story reads familiar – feeling the call to follow wherever God is leading. With all the ups and downs.

The ‘ups’ being: You know you’re following God, and the peace that accompanies that knowledge can’t be measured. Also there’s an excitement in wondering what God will place in your path next. He loves variety, doesn’t He?  I think He sorta enjoys ‘mixing it up’.

The ‘downs’ consists mainly of: Fear. After I typed that, I sat waiting for the next powerful word to pop into my head but really….fear is at the core of every other ‘down’ you experience when walking by faith.

Skywire Live_0004‘What will tomorrow hold?’ {Not sure. But since we’re not there yet, who cares, right? Umm.}
‘What if…?’ {Yeah, well…what if?}
‘But I thought God said…’ {No, stand firm on only what He said, not just what you assumed, or hoped, or expected.}
‘I didn’t think it would look like…this.’ {Yeah. I know.}

Those are the moments that threaten to drag you under. And not to compare our situation with that of the death-defying event of the SkyWire-across-the-Grand-Canyon stunt, but if I remember correctly, Nik Wallenda hopped onto that steel cable excited to begin his next dream. But the resulting tears and emotions that flooded him afterwards was the after-effects of the non-stop effort required of him during those next twenty-two minutes. Once Nik realized that the winds and optical illusions were tougher than he had hoped for, enjoying-the-view turned into a twenty-two minute quest for survival.

And isn’t that what following God sometimes always feels like?

You didn’t expect that much…wind/dust/tension/hurt.
The ‘wire’ you’re walking on is scarier than anticipated.
That job took an unexpected turn.
Everything feels like an optical illusion.
Where did that sickness come from?
The part you thought would be enjoyable is now just…something to endure or survive.

As I watched Nik Wallenda’s SkyWalk {after it aired live}, I still found myself freaking out. When he started praying and taking dominion over the wind, the cable, and about everything else…I was praying too! {Even though I knew he had already made it safely across.} And I related to what he was experiencing. Kind of. Because when you are smack dab in the middle of an ‘oh-no!’ situation or circumstance, you don’t care what you sound like or what you say. All you can think of is, ‘Help-me-God…NOW!’
Skywire Live_0005
But what I appreciated most was his father’s continual coaching, no matter if it aggravated Nik or not. If he snapped at his dad, his dad didn’t take it personal. He understood. The stress Nik was feeling had to be released somehow, and it had nothing to do with him coaching his son. All his dad cared about was Nik completing the task and making it safely to the other side.

Isn’t that just like our Heavenly Father?

He coaches us…even when we’re slapping at His hand in frustration and despair.
He speaks softly…even when we wish He would just ‘leave us alone’.
He warns us of upcoming situations…even though we think we’ve endured enough.
He responds to whatever we need…yet encourages us to finish.

Because He knows our growth depends on it.

And while God may not walk the wire FOR us, He always walks it WITH us.

He calms the winds…but doesn’t stop them completely.
He steadies the wire…but doesn’t make it easier.
He surrounds us with peace…only when we are focused entirely on Him.

Whatever the situation, God’s at the other end, waiting with open arms to congratulate us. He lifts us up, binds the wounds, wipes the dust from our eyes, and smiles knowing we’re now equipped for what He has next.

The Grand Canyon walk stretched Nik Wallenda. Now he’s ready for a new challenge.

I bet that makes God’s heart swell with joy because He will get another chance to show Himself even stronger to Nik…the next time.

And you are no different.

Whether you’ve stepped past the point of no return and can see straight down to what could happen if you don’t make it…
Maybe you’re smack dab in the middle and it feels like it’ll never end…
You’ve almost made it and the end is in sight…

Either way, God’s got you, and you’re gonna be fine.

Stay focused.
Be calm.
Remain still. {Unless, of course, you’re really walking a wire. Then by all means, continue to move. ;) }

God will never let you fall.

{Image courtesy of Flickr}

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