where He leads, still I will follow…

Nope, I didn’t disappear. Life has just been a bit busy for the past few weeks. We moved from Maryland to Tennessee, and finally I’ve had a chance to sit still long enough to post. Several asked why we were moving especially since we loved the east coast so much. A top reason?…family. We simply wanted to be closer. The other reason?…well, it all goes back to the original one that started this whole process.

Our faith journey.
I started one a long time ago when I loaded my car and headed out of Texas. No one was with me but God, and He and I have come quite a long ways. I’ve hit some ups and some serious downs, but don’t regret one moment. {Well, maybe one or two. ;) I am human after all.}

So when my husband {after 13 years of marriage} began to feel the ‘tug’ to step out and follow the faith journey he felt he was being called to take…me and the kids simply joined right in. We stepped away from everything our kids had ever known, and moved to the east coast. I want to say we loved every minute of it, but I must admit, ‘faith’ journeys are never really all easy. Because the whole point of the faith journey is to step away from everything you didn’t realize you were leaning on…to follow Him.

That children’s song says it all…

“I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back.

“Though none go with me, still I will follow…”

And on the song goes. Although I think they should add another verse, ‘When everything falls apart, still I will follow.’ Because it usually does. {Fall apart, that is.} And the reason I think it does is, we don’t realize how much we lean on things other than Him until He strips them away. We grasp at our schedules, routines, securities, careers, homes, material things, and identities as though they were everything of who we are made up of.

When they aren’t really.

But we don’t know that until they are removed. Sometimes all at once. Or sometimes a piece at a time.

Until all we are left with is…Him.

Which is exactly how He wants it. {Although it takes us a bit to catch up with His plan sometimes, doesn’t it?}

So…cue the move to Tennessee. We began to feel that {now recognizable} ‘tug’, and wondered where the next step would lead us to. We ‘wondered’ because when you’re on a faith journey, you don’t always know for sure if the next step you are heading towards is exactly where you should be…until you get there. I mean, once you are a few years into your journey, you become acclimated to depending only on Him, but you still sometimes wonder if you somehow made a big mistake way back at the beginning somehow. {Or are we the only ones who still wonder sometimes?} You see your growth and how much God has become the center of who you are, but it continues to feel so out of step with where others are around you. {Not meaning that no one else is following Him. Just that in our Western culture, we rely heavily on what are considered ‘smart moves’…which don’t always include faith journeys.}

I will say though that all of the changes which have occurred in our family’s life over these last three years have made us better. They weren’t easy lessons, but we wouldn’t undo who we are now for anything. {However, neither do we want to re-do the lessons. ;) No, sirree.}

So the last step we felt in this process included…family. Why? Not sure. But He knows. And that’s all that matters, isn’t it? Moses, Daniel, David, Esther…they all followed this invisible God who led them to incredible places. So we have simply chosen to do the same.

But it didn’t come without a cost.

When Maryland switched from the windshield to our rearview mirror, our hearts hurt. We made friends and connections there that lodged deep into our hearts. Which is a good thing. And I hope somehow we became a part of other’s hearts there also.

But He called. And it was time to go.

So we went.

And now we are here. In Tennessee. How does it feel? Different. New. Peaceful. {Isn’t that how His will usually ends up feeling?} Will it be our final stop? Not sure of that either. But it’s what is in front of us now, and if anything changes, I’m sure God will let us know.

We have taught our kids what it feels and looks like to follow God, and now our oldest son wants to attend a church that tears down and sets up each Sunday. Which makes us smile. Because the ‘journey’ has now become a part of who he is, and he no longer needs comfortable in order to attend church. He loves serving others and mobile church is how he likes to serve. Which overflows my heart.

Because isn’t that what faith and God is all about?…pouring out from who we are in order to point others to Him.

And who knows what this leg of our journey will bring to us. I’m excited to find out.

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4 Responses to where He leads, still I will follow…

  1. So needed this today! Always an encouragement! :)

  2. Erin Pascal says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring post! Your words really gave me the encouragement that I need. These simple words really made me realize a very important thing, “I have decided to follow Jesus. There’s no turning back, no turning back.” It took me a while to realize that after all the blessings that He has given me, it is time to give back.
    Erin Pascal recently posted..Followers of Christ: What It Meant and What It Means

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